Sunday, November 13, 2016

5° International Meeting

Document of the 5th international Meeting "Towards a Humanizing Education"
"The paradigm of the future: intentional learning, non-violent and transformative”

The paradigm of the future: intentional learning, non-violent and transformative is the convoking theme of the V International Meeting "Towards a Humanizing Education" organized by the Humanist Universalist Pedagogical Current (COPEHU) that will be held on the 13th, 14th and 15th of January 2017 in the Park of Study and Reflection: Punta de Vacas (Andes Mountains, Mendoza, Argentina).

We, those who feel the need to contribute to the profound transformation of education for human evolution have met annually since 2013. We meet to study, reflect and share about this pedagogical proposal that arises essentially from contributions of New Humanism by Silo, and also recognize the theoretical contributions of existentialism and phenomenology, research in the neurosciences and the work of Lev Vygotsky and Paulo Freire, among other authors.

All educational paradigms begin from a worldview, the human being, his conscience and his social function for the formulation of a theory of learning. These concepts are the starting point and give a meaning to the educational work that today presents certain challenges that require innovative proposals and, according to our proposal, imply that the human being is considered the central value and concern. A vision in which the overcoming of pain, suffering, and all forms of violence is one of founding meanings and keystones of the reason to educate.

Currently we are exposed to daily situations in which violence is common denominator: not only wars, bombings, physical violence; but also, of economic violence, racial, cultural, psychological, religious, and sexual violence. We perceive violence not only socially, but rather in interpersonal relationships that take place within the school, within the family, at work... Going even deeper, we find that violence may also be present within ourselves.

We therefore consider it essential, to transform this situation, to take as our starting point the experience of connecting with human interiority, generating not only the physical but mental scope where the teacher can reflect, meditate on "how to recover the deep meaning of education, the act of teaching". We believe that our contribution can facilitate the expression of a new look, able to build a new meaning in educational action, recovering the human in the act of teaching and learning. A new way of being in the educational space and the world in general.

In our proposal we believe it’s pertinent to reflect on the attitude of educators today, as we are the ones who are able to make a new education available to the new generations which aims to enable, arouse the desire to learn, reflect, investigate, transform, of being aware of themselves and of their acts with the horizon of a desired future. From there it is necessary to learn to accompany this new expression that is born without judgment, which aspires to make the conditions so that the human being can fully develop, reveal their vocation and express it in the world, an expression according to the new times.

We believe it is necessary to create a paradigm that explicitly includes a commitment to a culture of nonviolence, highlighting that in the present historical moment violence is no longer acceptable as a way of coexistence, conflict resolution or achieving goals. We're talking about Nonviolence as an attitude, as a way of life, as a way to build that new world to which we, the human beings, aspire.

It will be three days in which we will share experiences and pedagogical visions that allow us to reflect and learn how to build a new way of being in the world, a new place from where to develop our vocation. We will try to put forth the sensitivity, connecting with the best of others, enjoying to learn all together.

From the Copehu we invite you to build the suitable environment to continue deepening in the paradigm of the future: the one of a transformative education in an evolutionary direction according to the model of the new, of that which is being born.

Organizing Team of the V International Meeting