Thursday, December 31, 2015

4° International Meeting

Document of IV International Conference
"Towards a humanizing education"

Recovering the Human from learning and teaching is the convener motto for the Fourth Educational Meeting organized by the Universalist Humanist Pedagogical Current (COPEHU) as a continuation of a series of events to exchange educationists experiences initiated in January 2013. This meeting, will take place at the Park of Study and Reflection Punta de Vacas in Andes Mountains, will be three days of shared working that it expresses a "we" diverse and committed with non violence culture. Through reflection, study and exchanging of experiences and pedagogical perspectives we are going to build new learnings ways, enabling the deployment of a sensitivity to open our way to better connect with one and other, awakening the joy of learning together.

CoPeHU is inspired essentially by the Silo's New Humanism, but also recognizes existentialism and phenomenology sources, neurosciences researches, and the works of authors like Vigotsky or Paulo Freire. From our vission, any educational paradigm starts from a world's view, of the human being a and his consciousness' conception, but also his social function for making a learning's theory. This conceptions are the starting point and give sense to all the educational work that is changing rapidly. From our perspective, is shown the burning need of changing the look. This, recognising the other as a learning active subject, an intentional being who aims to grow as human being in his possibility of transforming the world and his reality. This looking towards a blessed future.

And what does define the human as this? The socio historical reflection as personal memory. 

In this way, the Fourth Meeting "Towards a Humanizing Education" invites to the reflection about this new pedagogical proposal, from which we wonder about: how recover the deepest sense of education, from the act of teaching for one of each of us? Does this meaning found linked with the Vocation? In other words, with those that anyone can contribute to the expression of a new look, able to build a new sense in educational activity for us, a starting point is to try to return to that moment when each one of us decided to start to walk this path of pedagogical teaching with others, path that is undoubtedly linked deeply with "the human". 

It is a proposal to try to answer us that which is so simple but essential: what do we transit our educative practice for. An invitation to reflection to the sense of "what for" we educate and "how" we can contribute to the development of new generations.

In this context, the meeting is convened to share the need for a change of looking and so want to open new horizons towards the human, considering the characteristic of the human being is being and making sense. It is tried to generate areas of reflection, study and exchange among educators to work on a road for transformation to this new look, in which we see ourselves and other members of the educational community through our virtues. This is a look at where we can recognize the intentionality of the other, who has an open future with endless possibilities.

From the CoPeHU invite you to deepen the connection path with the "vocation" and the own registration of the humanity of the other, that goes beyond the natural itself, showing that it is possible to see the light in chaos, it is possible think beyond the provisions when it states that "nothing can change" because it is in these moments of crisis, reification, in this time of dehumanization, which appears the possibility of future rehabilitation. We can experience that it is possible to go further, it is possible to transform, it is possible! 

It is the conviction of a new pedagogical look, the door to new horizons towards an education that will provide new generations the tools for creating their blessed future.

Organizing team of the IV International Conference "Towards a humanizing education"